Warrior’s Journey

These powerful retreats and seminars utilize the root essence of martial arts, you will delve into the self-mastery of the Transcendent Warrior who artfully and compassionately embodies power, grace, and courage.

You will learn:

  1. Foundational essence of martial arts including the physical, mental, philosophical, psychological and mythological aspects.
  2. To be more fully present in your mind-body
  3. To stay balanced and centered
  4. To move beyond fear; be in the flow of life with courage.
  5. Balance the masculine and feminine energies, Yin/Yang

In this transformational process it is clearly important to emphasize the body as well as the mind as you would in Yoga. The main difference in the warrior tradition is: that besides confronting our egos we may have to confront an external opponent. We then have to relate to and dissipate that possible negative force and resolve the conflict in the most compassionate way.


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